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Equality support

Equality support

So Obama has finally come out of the closet….in support of gay marriage.  looks like this one has evolved (his words) to a support of equality.

Sometime i wish all governments would just show their true colors whether they are in favor or against gay marriage/unions.

Personally it shouldn’t even be a political topic. We are all human.  We all should have the same rights.  And I mean this for ALL humans.  not just the LGTBI communities.

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Marriage and Equality in the Gay community.

Marriage is based on church and the union of man and women.

Church and State should be separate. Sadly it isn’t. Equality does not mean submission.  All I’m seeing is a lot of people fighting for a submission to an Act that is church originating.

Equality means EQUAL TREATMENT.

Why do we need to change the Marriage Act for equality. Leave it alone. I fully support equality.  We are different. That is what makes us who we are. We need to write a new Act. The Equality Act that entails all aspects of equal legal standing including that of marriage.

As for the church, well that’s a whole separate issue. If you chose to be a part of it, but reject its fundamental standing, then you can’t hold the church responsible.

It is a bubble. And change will happen. But being a secret person in the church is not the answer. Its a slap in the face of equality.

If you really believe in equality then have a look at what it is you really want and start to understand what it is you mean by equality.

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